Find Marketing Treasure with Personalized Maps

We’ve previously discussed the many possibilities and benefits of personalized printing. One specific feature I’d like to highlight in greater detail is personalized maps. Personalized maps are an additional service we offer that allows your postcards to feature maps customized for every recipient. We can acquire maps with illustrated routing from your recipient’s address to your business address, or any other destination you choose. Now your potential customers can see how easy it is to get to your location.

Two Reasons You Should Consider Personalized Maps:

First, they create a sense of legitimacy and connection between the recipient and the sender. Custom maps make the postcard feel like a one-of-a-kind item. If a recipient sees a map with directions starting from their house, it feels less like a bulk mailing that everyone received and more like something intended solely for them. It feels direct and intimate, and more valuable as a result.

Secondly, it increases the overall usefulness of your mailer. The more useful your mailer is, the more likely they are to keep it – which means they’ll be seeing your messaging more frequently. A map that shows someone how to get to your business substantially increases the odds… of, well, them going to your business. In fact, according to a recent case study, when the Orthopaedics Center at the University of Chicago utilized personalized maps in their outreach campaign, they saw a 43% increase in appointments.

…they saw a 43% increase in appointments.

While the maps do require an additional licensing fee to acquire, we think for many of our customers it’s well worth the investment. Whether it’s an urgent care or a new restaurant announcing their grand opening, the best way to have people lining up at your doorstep is to start from theirs.
If you’d like more information on what kind of maps we can acquire, or if you have a project you think would be a good fit, please reach out to us today.

Plumbing Postcard Magnets: Plumbers New Favorite Tool

Sure, a plunger is probably a plumber’s most important tool.

But the second most important? That would be postcard magnets.

Sounds crazy, right? But hear us out.

Our Postcard Magnets are two promotional items in one: a full color magnet attached to a large postcard. They’re the perfect advertising medium for plumbers (and other localized, service-related fields) for two key reasons:

1. Postcard magnets are highly targetable

If you’re a plumber, you probably have a specific service area. Other advertising mediums such as television, radio, and internet-based ads aren’t very effective at controlling who receives your messaging. With postcard magnets, you can choose to reach the people only within a radius of a location you choose. This means you’re reaching only relevant customers. (And not wasting money on others.)

2. The magnet

We think it’s fair to say that most plumbing business isn’t preventive – it’s reactive. When an unexpected problem occurs, a customer is going to do whatever it takes to resolve their problem quickly. If your business’s magnet is already displayed on their fridge or filing cabinet, they probably won’t rush to Google or the phonebook to find a plumber – they’ll probably call you.

Finally, we understand many plumbers are the owners and operators of their own business, which means…

You may not have time to develop marketing materials

We get it.

We want to make the process as smooth and turnkey as possible. So we’ve designed a stock plumber postcard magnet template to make things easy. You can have us modify the template with your key information and logo. We can also help you obtain a mailing list.

We don’t want you to be busy because you’re dealing with us. We want you to be busy because you’re dealing with new customers. 

There’s a special page on our website that’s designed for those using the plumbing postcard magnet template, which you can find here .

If you’d like more information on our products, or how to begin the process of having your own postcard magnets made, please feel free to e-mail or call us at 800-233-6690.

Knock Knock.

When it comes to direct marketing, it doesn’t get more direct than our Knockoff Door Hangers.

And despite what the “Knockoff” name might suggest, they’re the real deal.

The key is that when they’re placed on someone’s front door, they’re impossible to miss. Have you ever opened your front door without using the doorknob? Not an easy task.

Plus, the easy-to-remove magnet that’s attached increases the odds of your messaging making it onto the fridge, and in front of your target audience for weeks or months.

While they’re often used by local politicians canvassing their communities, we’ve also seen them used by many other organizations to great effect. They’re used by scouting groups recruiting members, youth sports teams fundraising, food banks with collection information, churches, trash and recycling pickup regulations, lawn care services, roofers and plumbers, just to name a few.

The Knockoff Door Hangers do require special effort — namely, someone to physically place them on the doors of the intended recipients. So if you don’t have someone who can do that, our other traditional postcard mailers are probably better suited for you.

But if you are able to attach our Knockoffs to doorknobs, we think you’ll quickly understand why we’re such a fan. Recipients will appreciate the personal touch; you’ll appreciate the customers knocking on your door.

If you’d like more information on Knockoff door hangers, or help with any of our other direct marketing products, please feel free to reach out.

5 Things We Need To Design Your Next Postcard Magnet

Whether you plan on designing your postcard, or if you want us to develop artwork for you, here are the 5 key ingredients you’ll need to get started:

1. High-quality photos.


People process images instantly, which is invaluable when you have just seconds to get someone’s attention. If you’re a pizza place, you should have a picture of your mouthwatering food. If you’re a plumber, show off your clean trucks and smiling crew. Just make sure any photos you use are high resolution (at least 300 dpi), so they print well.

 2. A Call-to-Action.


You need a direct and concise call-to-action to ensure your recipients engage with your offer. It can be as simple as Call Today for an Estimate or Donate Now. Time sensitive offers and deadlines work.

 3. Contact Info.


This may seem obvious, but make sure your viewer can contact you! It can be anything from a phone number to an e-mail address or a website – ideally all of them, if they’re applicable. If you’re a brick-and-mortar location it’s a good idea to have your address or even a small map to show your whereabouts.

 4. List of Services.


It’s important the recipient knows what it is you can do. Whether you’re a law firm or a medical clinic, if you offer more than one service, be sure to provide a list. You don’t need to get too detailed, either. Bullet points and brief lists work best.

5. Logo, Colors, Motifs.


Your company has a visual brand, whether you realize it or not. If we’re developing your layout, refer us to your  logo, website, and any other promotional items you’ve distributed in the past. Ideally, you want all of these things to feel harmonious and unified, including your new postcard magnets. When developing your image layout it’s good to include elements you’re using elsewhere such as similar colors, typefaces, and imagery.


There. Five pain-free, no-nonsense tips on creating effective postcard magnets. Do you think we missed anything important? What do you look for first when you receive promotional mail? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Finally, if you’re interested in having one of our talented graphic designers create a postcard for you using these principles, please contact us today at 1-800-233-6690 or by e-mail at – we’d love to help.

Pop Quiz: Best Marketing Method?

We hope your pencils are sharpened, because today we have a pop quiz for you. Don’t worry, it’s painless. One question.


What’s the most effective marketing method?


☐ A. Radio

☐ B. Direct mail

☐ C. Internet and E-mail

☐ D. Television


Okay, time’s up.

Pencils down.

The correct answer is…


☑E. All of the above.


I know, I know. You’re probably saying, “Hey, that’s not fair! That wasn’t even a choice.” And you’re right. We cheated. But be honest, it’d have been way too easy if all of the above was an option. It’s always all of the above, right?

We wanted you to think about each individual method and the unique advantages and disadvantages they present. Because yes, while one is better than all the others, the real lesson here is the power of using multiple marketing methods at the same time.

the real lesson here is the power of using multiple marketing methods at the same time.

You need to reach your target audience on multiple fronts to really send home your messaging. We’ve talked about the importance of exposure rate many times before, but if you need a quick refresher – the more someone sees your message, the more likely they are to act on it.

And if they’re exposed to your messaging on different platforms, they’re less likely to tune it out. People tend to be either auditory learners or visual learners, so relying on just one marketing method can be inefficient.

Using multiple methods of marketing can be more costly, but are you actually saving money if you’re not reaching the people you need to reach? Because when it comes to marketing, there’s really only two options:

☐ A. you reach them.

☐ B. you don’t.

Take all the time you need on that one, folks.

A Little-Known Mailing List Could Be Your Best Source For New Customers

The US Census estimates that nearly 36 million people move every year. And with an ever-increasing population, that number is only going to rise.

That’s a lot of mailboxes.

And as I’m sure you know by now, wherever there’s a mailbox, there’s an opportunity for marketing. What you may not know is that there’s something called a New Movers mailing list that, as its name suggests, specializes in targeting people who’ve recently moved.

There’s many industries and professionals who can take advantage of this information:

  • Doctors and Dentists
  • Plumbers
  • Pest control services
  • HVAC installers
  • Dog walkers
  • Interior decorators
  • Pizza delivery
  • Landscapers
  • Maids and cleaning services

And that’s just to name a few.  Really, it’s about getting creative and understanding one simple fact – people who are new to an area are typically looking for new resources. If they haven’t had a chance to fully explore their new surroundings, and if they’re in need of whatever it is you have to offer, it’s very likely they’ll go with you.

In fact, statistics suggest new movers will spend more in three months than people who are settled into their homes will spend in five years.  Let those numbers sink in for a second.

There are those who are skeptical about using direct mail in today’s digital age. But the evidence is clear: direct mail works.  Especially when someone is just moving into town. They may not have their computer unpacked or their Internet installed yet. But they’ll have a mailbox.  And they’ll be anxious to see what you have to offer.

Consider these facts:

  • direct mail is tangible and it creates a personal connection
  • when you reach out to someone new to an area, they’ll feel welcomed and appreciate you for it
  • new folks love seeing mail pop in their new mailbox, so they feel good about you right from the start

New Movers lists are inexpensive and they’re pretty easy to come by.  Most mail list brokers rent them on a subscription basis.  You can receive weekly updated names and addresses that allow you to periodically send off batches of mail with your welcome offer.

And that’s the secret to making the whole thing work: your offer.  You only have one chance to make a great first impression, so  make sure your mailing  includes something enticing — and something that the recipient can act on. Offer a free calendar with local landmarks, a discount coupon, a free home inspection.  How about a free magnet with important local phone numbers?

The best part about reaching out to new movers is that you’ll connect with people who are the most open to hear what you have to say.  Make the most of that opportunity with something they’ll appreciate.  Start laying the groundwork for relationships and referrals that can last for years or decades.

Be one of the first to reach their mailbox.



Healthcare Marketing Discovers Life In The Mail Box

Healthcare marketers face one insurmountable reality: that timing is everything.

Deliver the right ad on the wrong day and your potential patient simply hits delete or turns the page.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem.


Postcard magnet mailers.

The postcards have all the informative benefits of traditional direct mail, but it’s the attached magnets that are the real game changer. Why? Because magnets stick around. And unlike traditional direct mail, magnets have a practical purpose beyond their offer.

When an orthopedic surgeon sends out postcard magnets and someone without any back pain receives one, they’ll still have a use for it. They’ll use the magnet to pin their grocery list to their fridge or filing cabinet. And a few weeks later, when they throw their back out because they tried carrying too many shopping bags at once, guess who they’re probably going to call?

if you’re involved with healthcare, you should be involved with postcard magnets.

Doctors and healthcare providers are beginning to realize the power and potential of postcard magnets.  Here are some ways healthcare marketers are using them:

  • Primary care doctors are announcing the grand-opening of their practices
  • Dentists are sending out annual updates and cleaning reminders
  • Sports physicians are promoting pre-season physicals

And while these healthcare professionals’ specialties and approaches may vary, they’re all experiencing similar results – an increased awareness among their local communities, fuller waiting rooms and big booms in business.

Still need convincing? Here are 3 more reasons why postcard magnets are great for healthcare marketing:


1. Scope

As far as advertising mediums go, you’d  be hard-pressed to find one that’s as flexible as postcard magnet mailers. You can send out 250 to one particular neighborhood, or you can send 1,000,000 across the country. The dosage is entirely up to you.



2. Focus

Because postcard magnets utilize mailing lists, you can be incredibly targeted with your approach. Sure, you can blanket an entire area – and sometimes that makes perfect sense. But you can also pay a little extra to hone in on specific segments. For example, if you’re a pediatrician, you can target households with children. If you’re a plastic surgeon, it might benefit you to reach out to more affluent individuals with higher incomes.

Regardless of who you want to focus on, the important thing is that you’re able to. It’s this quality over quantity approach that usually pays off big. Other forms of advertising might be able to get you and your message in front of more people for less money, but if those people aren’t interested or in need of what you’re offering… what’s the point?



3. Reach

While digital methods are new and exciting, the fact is most organizations can reach only 40-50% of their potential customers via e-mail. A lot of people still prefer the personal connection and tangibility that comes from receiving physical mail.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying postcard magnets are the be-all end-all solution to marketing. In fact, they can work best when used in tandem with other media. If you have billboards or online ads, postcard magnets can further cement your place in the minds of potential patients.

The more ways they’re exposed to you and your services, the more likely they are to visit. Exposure is everything.

But it in the end, it’s all about results.

If your healthcare magnet is positioned on somebody’s refrigerator, who are they most likely to contact when a need arises?

Six months after your postcards are mailed, new patients will still be walking in your door.

And you can relax, having solved that ‘insurmountable’ healthcare marketing problem.  You, and a one powerful little magnet.


For more information on postcard magnets for your healthcare organization, please call us at 800-233-6690.  Or visit us at .


10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites You Never Knew About

When it comes to design, great stock photos make a huge difference. Unfortunately, great stock photos usually come with a huge price tag as well.

But guess what? Today’s your lucky day. We’ve scoured the internet and found 10 incredible treasure troves of free high quality stock images. They’re yours for the taking, and they won’t cost you a dime. Just be sure to check the fine print, because every site is a little different and some may require attribution depending on how you use them.


1. Unsplash

Why it rocks:

Unsplash adds 10 new images every 10 days, and while the subject matter varies, one thing’s always the same – they’re absolutely stunning. The best part is you can use the images however you want. There’s zero restrictions.



2. Stock Vault

Why it rocks:

Stock Vault has all sorts of images and design elements, including textures and backgrounds. What’s cool about Stock Vault is you can see their most popular and most downloaded items. It’s a great way to put your finger on the pulse of the design community.



Continue reading

Why Use Tangible Advertising In The Digital Age?

It seems like everything is going digital these days. Netflix replaced video rental stores, mp3s replaced records, and for many people, tablets and smartphones are replacing their daily newspaper. So why spend time and money designing physical promotional materials — like customized mugs, pens and magnets — when you could just send an e-mail at a fraction of the cost? Surely tangible advertising is outdated too, right?

Wrong. Today there’s a great opportunity for physical advertising, precisely because digital has become so popular.

For one, home mailboxes aren’t as cluttered and bombarded like they used to be. Don’t get me wrong, consumers still aren’t interested in junk mail. But that’s the beauty of most tangible items: they’re not junk. They’re useful goods with a real purpose.

A well designed postcard with a magnet attached is more akin to receiving a small gift, instead of an inconvenience like most other forms of advertising. The perceived value is much higher, especially when compared to an e-mail. Everyone knows what an e-mail costs.


Another postcard magnet advantage? E-mails aren’t a constant reminder. For most people, once they’ve read an e-mail (assuming they read it at all), that’s the end of that. They delete it, or it’s pushed down by waves of new e-mails, never to be seen again. With postcard magnets, your message is there to stay.

Once your magnet makes it onto the fridge or the filing cabinet, the odds are pretty good it’ll be there for a  long time. And if it’s there for a long time, it means your target audience is going to be exposed to your messaging over and over again. We know that on average, most people need to see a message six times before they feel compelled to act.

Do you think that’s going to happen digitally?


you can’t feel an e-mail.


Finally, when you’re considering what method of advertising to use, remember this: you can’t feel an e-mail. For many people, a tactile experience goes a long way towards creating a connection to whatever it is they’re trying to understand. By feeling something with weight and texture, the senses are activated in a way they simply wouldn’t be by merely looking at a screen. When the mind realizes something exists in the real world as an object, it suddenly gains more priority and importance.

These are just a few of the many ways time-tested postcard magnets can be superior to their digital counterparts.  How about you? What kind of advertising do you find yourself responding positively to? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


5 Tips to Get Your Magnet on Their Fridge

By now I’m sure you’ve realized how awesome postcard magnet mailers are. They’re powerful promotional pieces with proven staying power, and the key to their effectiveness is their exposure rate. Once your potential client or customer makes the decision to use your magnet, they’ll be seeing your message often.  But how do you get them to make that initial leap? How do you get them to stick your magnet on a frequently visited sweet spot, such as the refrigerator or a filing cabinet?

Don’t worry. We have 5 helpful tips:

 What would YOU want on your fridge?

1. Be beautiful

I’m sure this one might seem obvious, but no one wants to put something ugly up on their fridge. If your magnet is poorly designed, cluttered, or if it features unpleasant imagery…guess what? It’s probably not going up. A well-designed magnet makes all the difference. Sometimes it helps to think of your magnet as art instead of advertising. What would YOU want on your fridge?

2. Be useful

If your magnet has information your customer perceives as valuable, they’ll want to keep it around. For example, magnets are a great option for Urgent Care offices because when a medical issue occurs, the last thing someone wants to do is extensive research. Likewise, if someone is getting ready to move, they’ll probably keep a moving company’s magnet around. A calendar of upcoming events is another great way to add some extra staying power to your magnet. People always appreciate convenient reminders.

3. Be relevant

Many people have a product that every household can use, but sometimes you’re selling something to a specific clientele. The beauty of mailing lists is that they can be incredibly focused. If you’re a moving company, you can get a list of people who have recently placed their home on the market. If you’re selling high end yachts, you can get a list of higher-income individuals. The possibilities are endless. The important thing is you’re getting your magnet into the hands of people who, well, could use what’s on your magnet.

4. Peel don’t seal

We’ve found the most successful magnet mailers are the ones that employ easy peel-off glue instead of plastic shrink wrap. Why? Well, for two very important reasons. First of all, in the past we’ve seen situations where the plastic shrink wrap fuses with the postcard, and when the recipient tries to remove it, it damages the magnet. Secondly, if the entire postcard is sealed in plastic, the recipient may not even realize there’s a magnet attached. Removing the plastic wrap is another step in the process, and the recipient might be inclined to just toss it in the wastebasket rather than deal with it. At magnetbyMail, we exclusively produce postcards with easy peel-off magnets for these reasons.

5. Size matters

Fridges and filing cabinets have limited real estate. You need to justify your magnet’s size. If you have a lot of important information you feel your customer needs to have access to at all times, such as a calendar of events or a big reminder of a specific date, a larger magnet makes sense. If all you need your customer to remember is your name and contact information, a business card sized magnet could be the more sensible approach.


And those are the 5 secret ingredients to great magnet mailers. Do you have any of your own tips? Or questions? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you.