Knock Knock.

When it comes to direct marketing, it doesn’t get more direct than our Knockoff Door Hangers.

And despite what the “Knockoff” name might suggest, they’re the real deal.

The key is that when they’re placed on someone’s front door, they’re impossible to miss. Have you ever opened your front door without using the doorknob? Not an easy task.

Plus, the easy-to-remove magnet that’s attached increases the odds of your messaging making it onto the fridge, and in front of your target audience for weeks or months.

While they’re often used by local politicians canvassing their communities, we’ve also seen them used by many other organizations to great effect. They’re used by scouting groups recruiting members, youth sports teams fundraising, food banks with collection information, churches, trash and recycling pickup regulations, lawn care services, roofers and plumbers, just to name a few.

The Knockoff Door Hangers do require special effort — namely, someone to physically place them on the doors of the intended recipients. So if you don’t have someone who can do that, our other traditional postcard mailers are probably better suited for you.

But if you are able to attach our Knockoffs to doorknobs, we think you’ll quickly understand why we’re such a fan. Recipients will appreciate the personal touch; you’ll appreciate the customers knocking on your door.

If you’d like more information on Knockoff door hangers, or help with any of our other direct marketing products, please feel free to reach out.