magnetbyMail: Now Official

Breaking News from PRWEBWell, as if you didn’t know, our mother website for postcard magnets is .

And, ta-dah!, we finally announced our website officially.

I’m sure this will mean that the phone lines will light up with calls from all sorts of news media.  And we’ll be giving interviews for weeks.  Isn’t that how it works?

Well, if you’ve been through this process yourself, you know that it actually rarely works that way.

Years back, when I was at a start-up sales promotions firm, we did get lucky with one of those ‘business announcements’ in the local paper.  An ad agency called looking for some ideas and, before you knew it, we were promoting Big East basketball.

But alas, marketing types like myself can’t be waiting for the inevitable lucky break.

So we’re planning a mailing — sending postcard magnet mailers to our active list of key decision makers.  The idea is to drive folks to our website.

This way, we can practice what we preach.

And  if the NBA calls because they saw our press release,  that would be good, also.


Oh, and if you’d also like to receive a sample mailer for yourself, just drop us a note from our Contact Us page and we’ll make it happen.


Always looking out for our fans….