Growing New Customers

Magnet mailers for farmers marketA local association of local growers, dairies and craftsmen held a Farmers’ Market in the town’s center on Saturday mornings throughout the warm months.

They decided to advertise to community residents to remind everyone of the weekly event. With the help of a local Organic Farming Initiative, they received a grant for outreach funds.

They designed a Venti postcard magnet.  The postcard had plenty of details describing the Farmer’s Market and how it was making a difference for local farmers and local residents.

The postcard included a large magnet, with all the important details: when and where the Market is held.

The magnet mailers were sent to all residents in the area via bulk mail.

Within weeks, the market became ‘the place to be’ on a Saturday morning.  Farmers liked the larger crowds, and residents liked the fresh produce and the ability to chat with their neighbors.

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